Income Protection

Have you insured your most important asset – your ability to earn an income?

You’ve insured your home, your car and you have private medical insurance in case something goes wrong… but where would the money come from to pay the bills and your mortgage if you couldn’t work due to illness or injury?

Income Protection insurance protects your income if you are unable to work through illness, injury or accident. It provides monthly payments up to 75% of your gross income for a range of benefit periods from 2 years to retirement age. You can even insure your Superannuation contributions.

Income Protection insurance is a safety net so that if you can’t work you can still:

  • Pay your mortgage/rent payments
  • Pay your car loan
  • Pay your children’s school fees
  • Take care of your normal bills while you focus on getting better.

Talk to one of our experienced advisers today about how we can help you protect your family’s lifestyle with Income Protection insurance.