Insurance Review

Life changes constantly and so does your need for insurance. You might have some cover in place, but is it still meeting your current needs?

Business and Personal insurances should be reviewed at least once a year to ensure the cover you have is still the cover you need. Your income may change every year, you may have another child, you may take out or pay off a loan – your insurance should be reviewed whenever one of these sort of events takes place.

We urge all of our clients to contact us for a review if any of the following happens:
You discharge your mortgage or other significant debts
You increase your liabilities
You add a child to the family or you need to manage another dependant, such as an aged parent
You seperate or divorce; plan to settle property
Your income increases substantially
You are bequeathed a sum of money
Many insurance policies will allow you to increase your cover when major events such as marriage or the birth of a child take place without requiring you to provide additional medical information. In many cases insurance companies will also allow you to increase your Income Protection insurance annually to keep pace with regular pay rises.

Make an appointment today with one of our experienced advisers to ensure your insurances are still meeting your needs.